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About Safe Auto Glass Installation

Trust the experts at Northeast Auto Glass for professional window replacement and repair services. We accept all insurance claims and service all makes and models of vehicles. 

Our skilled staff has the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right auto glass for your vehicle. Visit us or give us a call to schedule an appointment. Read on for more information about our auto glass installation.

Auto Glass Is a Safety Feature

Many people look only for the lowest price when they shop for auto glass. But there are varying qualities of auto glass and levels of installation. An improperly installed windshield is virtually useless in protecting you during an accident. That's why it's very important to choose a reputable installer.

Your Auto Glass Provides 40% to 70% of the Strength of Your Vehicle

In a rollover, the windshield helps the cabin maintain its rigidity, protecting the passengers — which is especially important in minivans with huge windshields. In a front impact, the windshield assists air bag deployment and keeps passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle. The windshield also helps protect you from flying road debris.

Windshield Installation Quality Is Affected by 6 Factors

  • Glass quality — Windshield glass is a laminated piece of vinyl sandwiched between two pieces of specially strengthened glass. A good windshield matches your old windshield exactly in tint, size, and extra features such as a rain sensor. Cheap installations often use thinner, badly-fitting glass, which is manufactured to a different size and thickness to avoid infringing on the copyright of the companies that make the original glass
  • Molding — Look at your windshield and you'll notice that there's a rubber seal that wraps around all or part of it. Most of the time, the molding is replaced with a windshield replacement
  • Urethane — Urethane is used to bond the windshield to the vehicle. After the installation, the urethane must have enough time to cure and create a strong bond before you can drive your car. A weakly attached windshield may pop out or buckle in an accident
  • Temperature and humidity — Temperature, humidity, and the time of installation determine how quickly the urethane cures. Your installer should always give you a safe drive-away time
  • Existing windshield frame — If the windshield frame on your vehicle is bent or rusty, your new windshield may not be able to bond with it properly. A high-quality auto glass installation on a damaged frame can still be unsafe
  • Installer ability — All the high-quality materials in the world won't make up for an auto glass installer who doesn't have experience and training. It's worth paying a little more to get a good installer. A windshield price that seems too cheap probably is and could even be subcontracted to someone else who has little or no training
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